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dashing, gorgeous... irresistible

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Lorena. Mexican. 25. Sagitarious. Dreamer. Engineer. Graphics lover.

photoshop. shopping. reading. starbucks. twitter. blue color. harry potter. twilight. ian somerhalder. robert pattinson. johnny depp. penn badgley . andrew garfield. alfonso herrera. emma watson. lauren conrad. audrey hepburn. the vampire diaries. glee. gossip girl. pretty little liars . friends. the big bang theory. sheldon cooper. team damon. damon/elena shipper. team edward. uk. nyc. kings of leon. justin timberlake. mcfly. harry judd<3. maroon5. the kooks. the killers. radiohead. hurts . michael buble. frank sinatra. david guetta. coldplay. robbie williams. rafa nadal.

>> Dont modify.
>> Credit is a must... please
>> Dont claim my work as your own.
>> Textless icons are not bases.
>> Do not hotlink.
>> Please COMMENT IF TAKEN..or just because you like them.!
>> If you like what you see visit my designs website www.stampd-designs.com

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